My Review

Hey there chums, it's your man Brian here with my latest report this time on an extramarital affairs site I got into recently. The site was, which you've probably heard of if you're married and looking to sleep with a married woman (or if you're a cheating housewife). I'm neither, but sometimes the search for a good screw leads me down the online affairs sites path, as wives looking to cheat are usually outstanding shags and you don't have to worry about them getting all clingy in the future because, well, they have someone to do that soppy shit with already. When it comes to a cheating housewife it's straight up sex, and for anyone who reads my dating site reviews you'll know that is just the way I like it! 

I signed up to during a week long business trip to London. After a recent online hookup where the bird had gone a bit bunny boiler on me, I decided it was time to get back to the infidelity dating scene, which is a lot less about “dating” and more about sleeping with a married woman that's not had a proper knobbing in months, sometimes even years, and just wants a length of prime English beef. The problem with marriage, not that I'm an expert in such an evil tradition or anything, is that the chemicals in the brain that we call “love” evaporate pretty fast and once that happens, kids come along to provide a reason for continuing to co-exist together (because nobody wants to be single when your pals are all married). At some point, the weekly shag turns into a monthly shag until before long you're sleeping in separate rooms with nothing but a wall to separate you as you both wank over co-workers and a life that could have been. Anyway, I digress...

How Does Work? 

So I joined the; nice, fast and easy. I wasn't expecting too much - I've tried all the so called main affair sites over the years trying to find wives that cheat and ended up with very little to show for my efforts (I did get an epic BJ from a guy's girlfriend once, but that was my first dogging experience and the guy was watching so it's not exactly the same thing!). I had heard about icheat through an underground forum and it sounded like a pretty decent place for anyone like myself who was wondering where to meet married women. Don't know if it was because I was in London or whatever but there were a lot of wives looking to cheat on there, so much so that I would have been very suspicious about the site (affairs sites don't exactly have the best record when it comes to being genuine) if it wasn't for the fact that this site had been recommended by a trustworthy source. So I did my usual, created a general intro message for the cheating housewives and tailored it for each woman on the site according to their profile pics, interests, etc. I fired a shitload of messages out the first two nights of the trip and to make sure I was in their 'unhappily married' club I pretended I was stuck in a loveless relationship with a woman who had gone off sex completely. Lovely jubbly!

I didn't have to wait more than a day or two for the replies to come in. One that stood out quickly was Stacy from Highbury & Islington, not that I believe she was from there or called Stacy, but who cares when she's a certified MILF with a desire to feel attractive again (she said something about her husband sitting around playing video games 24/7 blah blah blah but I told her sharpish that I didn't want to hear anything about him, bad enough I was trying to dick his wife without having a picture of the poor bastard to feel guilty about). We met up on the Friday and it was pretty electric. She was attractive, with dark hair worn as a bob and sported a tidy little figure. She said she was 35 and I believe her (I expected cheating housewives to shave a few years off their birth certificate but I believe she was being honest, although again I don't really give a monkeys either way!) and although we didn't have sex that day – she was really nervous that first meeting - the sparks were flying and we swapped numbers. 

It wasn't until the third meeting that I finally got lucky with Stacy, but we were chatting on Viber pretty much every night at that point. She was one of those birds that you need to win over with a bit of effort and reassurance (sure she wanted sex, but as a married woman had a lot more to risk than me) but once she knew that I wasn't going to facebook stalk her she totally relaxed. She was everything you'd want in a horny unsatisfied wife; experienced, energetic, enthusiastic AF and surprisingly dirty. 

Is Worth Joining?

The affair went on for around three months, usually meeting in hotels around Milton Keynes or Luton, although I've no idea what she told her husband. All I know is that she got spooked when I got a bit pissed one night and let slip that I never planned to get married due to all the reasons she was unhappy about. It was a quick end to a fiery affair, but I'm not the long term type anyway so it's no skin off my nose. I do miss her arse though, has to be said.

I'm definitely thinking it might be time to go back on to, I kind of neglected my membership after it became obvious that Stacy was all hot for me. Really must work on my multi-tasking as there's nothing worse than being left without a ride after a few weeks of good sex. Thank god for dating sites though! Pros

  • Good Chances Of Success
  • "Money Back Guarantee"
  • Many Members Cons

  • More Men Than Women
  • Some Fake Profiles