My IamHorny.co.uk Review

Hello folks, thought I'd take the chance during the international footy break to write a quick review of a hookup site I tried recently to help me find slutty girls (and who doesn't love slutty girls, right?!!).

The site is IamHorny.co.uk and basically promises to help you find a woman for one night. Like any of these sex dating websites you have to take the marketing with a large pinch of salt, having used all the top hook up sites I've learned that nothing every happens on the same day and very, very rarely will you find sex the same weekend as you join, but being a horny bastard with a bit of loose change (mainly saved from using sex sites instead of trying to pull slags in bars and pointlessly drinking my wages away on overpriced beverages) I decided to give IamHorny.co.uk a go.

Fake, Scam Or Real Women For A One Night Stand? 

The site itself isn't bad, quick sign up process and easy as pie to use. The birds are a nice mix, dirty slappers, unachievable hotties and the odd fat ride, which I'm quite partial to when I'm wondering how to find a slut and running low on options! As usual, I gave any women that I rated an eight or above a complete body swerve, after all this is about finding a one night stand or at best a regular fuck buddy and not about settling down for a serious relationship (AKA retiring my sex organ)! So that left me with a decent mix of dirties, cuties and a few downright mingers. Yep, I was starting to feel at home.

I did all the usual stuff I do (on any adult dating sites that work) whenever I'm looking to find a woman for one night; checked there were plenty of results in my local area, stumped up the spondoolies to cover a month membership, fired out shitloads of messages to any bird that had been online recently and then played the waiting game (there was no porn involved, that shit dulls the sexual appetite and knocks you off your game). Nothing much came in that night but when I woke up I did have a message waiting from a sassy little thing called Stacey (no point searching her lads, it's not her actual username). She had messaged me at something like 4am, clearly just home from a club and absolutely desperate for hot sex. She fell right into my traps (some day I'll tell you how to write the best intro messages on hookup dating sites) and we ended up messaging back and forth for most of the afternoon, her hungover and me just horny af. 

The next week or so I kept speaking to Stacey and we arranged to meet for a few jars in her local, which I knew quite well from my drinking days. I also got speaking with a few other slutty girls from round about and did a bit of sexting with one in particular. It's fair to say at this point, a week or so into my membership, I was feeling like Iamhorny.co.uk is one of those rare adult dating sites that work. I can clearly remember heading out to meet Stacey on the Saturday night and getting a naughty pic from one of the other slutty girls I'd been chatting with on the site...when it works you've got to love online dating!  

Being a fine upstanding gentleman of the local community, I'll not go into any intimate details of what happened that moonlit evening (yes she was shaved, no she didn't do anal), suffice to say that Stacey was exactly the kind of slutty girl I was looking to find. But I'm rarely the type to bang the same bird beyond a one night stand so I spent the next couple of weeks working on the other slutty girls that I'd heard back from. I kept up my strict tactical offensive (witty opening lines, making out that I share the same interests as the women had listed in their likes list, etc) and just as I thought things were getting quiet, I managed to persuade a newly single thirty-something to meet at the cinema, a rubbish option for romance but perfect for the type of lass that enjoys a bit of fingering in the back row. Long story short, she had put in her profile that she was a big fan of Tom Cruise. Now personally, I wouldn't piss on that midget if he was on fire, but I suggested checking out his latest film...obviously I had absolutely no intention of actually watching it! There was indeed some heavy petting in the cinema to say the least and the hot stuff moved back to my place where I shagged her silly on my Laz-E-Boy chair (other easy-to-wipe-down sofas are available).

Conlusion: Is IamHorny.co.uk Worth Joining?

Looking back over my first month on IamHorny.co.uk, I realised that I had managed to have sex with two sluts in the space of just three weeks! Neither was that much to look at but trust me, this is a very good ratio for the hookup dating scene, even for an experienced internet shagger like me. Based on that, if you're wondering how to find a slut or where you can go to find a woman for sex where you'll actually have a chance of getting a good result, then I'd recommend IamHorny – it's one of the decent adult dating sites. And yes, I've already paid for month two...bring on the birds!

IamHorny.co.uk Pros

  • Many Members
  • "Sex-Guarantee"
  • Good Chances Of Success

IamHorny.co.uk Cons

  • Some Fake Profiles
  • More Men Than Women