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Hello once again all you lovely sex seekers! We're getting extra kinky today with a trans dating review that I'll not be doing personally, but I'll be sharing some feedback from my mate, Mike. I know what you're thinking: “Brian, stop dodging work and farming out your reviews to cousins, friends, goldfish, etc”. And you're right, I'm a lazy bastard. But just like when Lauren helped me out with the sugar daddy site last time I'm passing this on to someone far more qualified than me. Mike has been into shemales and ladyboys since I've known him. It's not my style, but he has tried plenty of real TS dating sites so I figured I'd get him involved. Usually I don't ask him for details on his trans dating antics mind you, but I figured my site was missing advice on where to meet ladyboys and so here goes, for anyone looking to meet transsexuals this one is for you!

The site that Mike recommended he review for us was, a trans dating option that you've probably heard of if you're into chicks with dicks. In exchange for me footing the bill for a night on the lash he went the extra mile and signed up as a free member, and then as a full paying member for two months, on

Is A Legit TS Dating Site?

There's no doubt that Trans Dating is a growing area of online hookups and Mike confirmed that Tranny.Dating is a site that he'd heard plenty of good things about, but had never got around to actually trying. He said the sign up process was typical to any trans dating site, as is the layout, usability and features available on the site. Nothing to write home about there then. However, the area that Mike felt DateTransLovers excelled was the sheer number of tgirls that are members, making it a very good option for anyone wondering where to meet ladyboys. He said you can see from the initial free search exactly how close the tranny users are and that makes it really simple to decide whether to upgrade or not (general rule ladyboy lovers: if you join a hookup site and there's hardly any members in your area then run a mile). Fortunately for Mike, the horniest shemale hunter I know, his local TS results were really positive, so he parted with a few quid and took the full upgrade, which he later went on to renew for a further month.

From what he said, was up there with the best sites for meeting real TS that he'd tried. Sure, he had to send lots of messages out, but he's used to that. The difference with this shemale sex site was that he actually got a higher rate of responses over the course of the month than he'd had elsewhere. He told me on the phone today that it wasn't just the fact that he got a good rate of replies from his intro messages, but the quality of the real TS daters that were getting back to him that was impressive. They weren't all stunning ladyboys of course, some were filthy sissies and some were ugly as sin, but he's not the picky type and most were genuinely looking for more than a bit of sex chat or pic swaps. In fact, it seemed from our call that Mikey boy was in shemale paradise. No surprises then that the dirty pervert decided to go the extra mile for me and try to arrange some meets (so selfless of him)!

Does Really Work?

Did he manage to meet transexuals on DateTransLovers? Of course he bloody well did. He met three (and one of them he's meeting again next week)! Sure, Mike's been arranging trans hookups since TS dating was a thing on the internet, so he was using all of his experience when doing the review for me, but nevertheless three meets is very good going. If I met three birds on a casual dating site in the same time I'd be pretty chuffed with myself, put it that way. Of the three horny ladyboys he met up with, he ended up having full sex with two of them and getting a number/ repeat date with the third (he says the deal will be sealed next week on the third one). 

The way Mike explains it to me, real TS dating is all about using the natural horny impulses that both parties have to make sure that dates become hookups, without coming across as desperate. With the two transexual women he hooked up with, they were both pretty typical one night stands like any I've had in the past (except his women had meat and two veg of course); some kinky chat leading to a bar meetup and then a few drinks leading to oral and then eventually the two of them doing what ever goes down between horny guys and sexy tgirls. All very romantic, I'm sure. 

All things considered, I'm marking this little trans dating experiment as a success. Mike certainly seems pleased and will be adding to the three or four sites he typically uses at any one time to boost his chances of getting female dick. Me? Well I'll be sticking with what I know and adding another review soon, so stay tuned... Pros

  • Good Chances Of Success
  • Many Members
  • Almost No Fake Profiles
  • Active Community Cons

  • More Men Than Women