My FetishChat.co.uk Review

Greetings earthlings, hope you're all fine and dandy! Got another site report for you that I think you're going to like, particularly if you're a fan of the '50 Shades of Grey' lifestyle that was all the rage a few years ago! Yep, I finally got into the BDSM scene but it was only a matter of time really, bondage and kink websites are one of the fastest growing areas of online hookup dating and an obvious place to find kinky women.

After scouting various kink dating site reviews and speaking with contacts about where to find kinky women in my area, I ended up joining three bondage dating websites. The pick of these (and the place where I had the following hot encounter) was FetishChat.co.uk, an underground kink website that focuses on various fetishes, as well as being a place where you can set up or arrange to visit a local bondage party. Not really being into the S&M scene myself (I've never been a big fan of feet, smoking, lycra, rubber, leather or any other fetish), I had never tried kink dating sites before. However, I can't claim to be the UK's best hookup dating reviewer if I haven't tried everything, so I joined FetishChat.co.uk to learn more about this especially naughty area of online dating. 

How Does FetishChat.co.uk Work?

The site is everything you'd expect from a top bondage dating website; dark, dirty, hot and full of horny singles (with the odd couple, too)! I set up a profile quickly, adding a few details about my kinks (I described myself as a lover of spanking but didn't specify whether it was giving or receiving to keep my options open!) and started looking for kinky women nearby. 

It didn't take too long for the replies to start coming in, although to be fair I was working overtime on the message sending. As usual, I kept each message unique (none of that copy and paste shite) and this personalised approach worked its charm as it usually does on any good dating sites. Some of the women were beyond kinky, into really crazy shit, but the more I chatted the more intrigued I became. I did some kinky webcam chats but it wasn't until the beginning of the second month that one of the girls I had been talking to about arranging a spank session with (she wanted me to spank her, which was a relief as I have the pain threshold of a little girl) suggested we attend a bondage party together. At that point I hadn't paid much attention to the sex party calendar on the site but I'm glad she suggested it as this ended up being one of the craziest nights out I've had and an ideal way to meet kinky women.

The bondage party took place on a Friday night at a BDSM dungeon just outside the centre of London. I met the woman (who asked me to call her Mistress K) for a quick drink beforehand and she basically gave me the lowdown on what to expect and the importance of showing respect and arranging 'safe words' with the kink party attendees. Then we went to the venue and I remember thinking I was getting a little out of my depth as I was descending the staircase into the dungeon, which was kitted out with all of the proper BDSM fetish gear – chains hanging from walls, whips and handcuffs strewn all around. The leather and PVC clad people inside were the very definition of freaky; metal studs, tattoos, piercings, masks and the odd tranny thrown in for good measure. It would all have been a bit 'niche' for my taste (give me a boring blonde slapper any day of the week) if it hadn't been for the fact that the women in this dungeon were extremely attractive and insanely sexy.

Everywhere I looked there were kinky things happening. A crowd had gathered around a man who was half having sex, half torturing a hot red head in a corner of the bondage party. On one side of the room tall slim girls wearing knee high boots were having their footwear licked by fat, balding men. At one point four man crawled past me on all fours, each with a lead attached to their necks as if they were dogs being walked by a women I can only describe as Mistress MILF.  It's no surprise that I lost my date within a few minutes, it was just too crazy with all this stuff going on to focus on one person. I wandered around, drinking it all in and over the course of the night became more confident and involved in what was going on around me. Things got very hot and horny with one girl in particular who was quite partial to being tied up and dominated in the darkness. I hadn't realised it before, but the fact that I was so turned on by how submissive she was and the way she was begging me to take control and use her for my own pleasure made me realise I am a bit of a dominatrix (maybe that's the female term) at heart and I think that if I end up back in the kink club again, I'll most likely be assuming the role of a dom daddy!

Conlusion: Is FetishChat.co.uk Worth Checking Out? 

Getting back to Fetish Chat, I must say that all things considered that kink site is very good value for money (it's cheaper than taking a bird to the cinema once, never mind having access to kinky women every night of the month) and there's something about the BDSM scene that makes it about more than just hooking up – I had conversations with ladies on FetishChat that didn't feel like meeting up with me but were still eager to answer my questions and help me with my first steps into the fetish community. Ultimately, that's the feeling I got from FetishChat.co.uk and my experience at the bondage party – the UK kink scene is thriving and it's not just about dirty desires and frisky freaks, it's about meeting people that share your interests, no matter how depraved they may be, and respectfully living out your wildest fantasies at a private sex party in a dark dungeon. Something tells me I'll be back on the site soon.

FetishChat.co.uk Pros

  • Almost No Fake Profiles
  • Good Chances Of Success
  • Active Community
  • Many Members

FetishChat.co.uk Cons

  • More Men Than Women