My Review

Hello all! I've been hearing a few positives about Sugar Daddy dating sites through the grapevine and so I decided it was high time I did some research on this. But as someone who lives a modest life and is certainly not a rich old fellow (if only) I decided to try something a little different. I've changed tack with this sugar daddy site review and asked my cousin Lauren to test If you guys feel it works and helps then great, if not I'll stick to the usual style from now on (i.e me doing the research personally).  

Lauren is my younger cousin, she's grown up confident with a great sense of humour and has always been a hit with the boys. She's a typical hard up student over at London's Imperial College so I figured that A) she would do the work for me in exchange for a box of cheap wine and B) she might even figure out how to get a sugar daddy for herself, not that my uncle would appreciate me playing cupid for his daughter! So rather than finding a sugar daddy UK site and pretending I was a rich British sugar daddy, Lauren agreed to provide her perspective as a young female wondering how to find a sugar daddy, so hopefully her review is useful for anyone interested in how to approach being a sugar daddy or, for my female readers, it might give you some ideas on whether being a sugar baby on PayMeDaddy is worthwhile.

How To Find A Sugar Daddy

The first thing Lauren said was that her and a few of her friends had regularly joked in the past about using online dating to get a sugar daddy to pay for the considerable costs of studying nowadays. She confirmed that being a sugar baby is definitely something that many young women are willing to consider and it's not just for slappers and slags. It's seen by many sugar babies as a fun way to make money, gain experience and prevent then from wasting time on cheap nights out with poor male students their own age. All very positive so far then, but what about PayMeDaddy as the casual dating option for finding a UK sugar daddy? It's often touted as one of the popular 'up and coming' sugar daddy sites for girls wondering how to get a sugar daddy in the UK, but is it actually a good option for sugar babies like Lauren and her pals?

When I asked her on the phone about her experience of being a sugar baby on Pay Me Daddy she said it was “better than expected”. A lot of the sugar daddy guys on there (take notes, gents) came across as weirdos because they were on a top sugar daddy dating site where they're all meant to be rich and too busy to have a traditional relationship, yet when she'd speak to them and ask them where to meet up they would suggest hotels or cheap bars. This gave her the impression that they were only looking for quick sex and not the mutually beneficial sugar baby / sugar daddy set up, which is meant to be a medium to long term thing and not just a one night stand. However, she said that on average, for every four or five chancers there was a genuine UK sugar daddy; interesting, wealthy, middle aged and using PayMeDaddy for more than just hookups. 

Is Worth Joining?

I asked her how she knew the genuine sugar daddies were real and she said it was easy because they were “more patient during initial chats” and showed more “class”. She also told me that over the course of the month membership, she had two separate meetings with sugar daddy members of the site (I hadn't asked her to do this) and they were “total gentlemen”, who were both happy to share details of when they'd met other girls through the site that weren't quite right for them. I had to ask her to define this “gentlemen” term, as it's not something I've ever been accused of, and the general point she seemed to be making was that the real sugar daddies she identified weren't trying to send her dick pics or asking her for naked selfies, they were more interested in her likes (food, clothes, etc) and generally trying to see if they had anything in common. After all, being a sugar baby is mostly about being seen on the arm of a sugar daddy, being taken to business dinners with associates, etc and not just about showing off a tight, sexy body in the bedroom. 

It's clear from Lauren's experience as a UK sugar baby that she quickly grasped how to find a sugar daddy on fact, I wouldn't be surprised if I see her on a yacht in the French Riviera next time I open my facebook feed! All of which is to say that Pay Me Daddy is indeed a good platform for the growing number of hot girls looking to get a sugar daddy in the UK, provided you aren't one of the pretend sugar daddy types and don't mind a bit of conversation before bedtime. If you're lucky enough to have wads of cash, or you're a sugar baby looking to meet rich men, then check it out. Pros

  • Good Chances Of Success
  • Almost No Fake Profiles
  • Active Community Cons

  • More Men Than Women
  • Not Very Popular